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Masada tactical system israel was established by former officers and operators from the Israeli government security services ,police and prison swat, military special forces who together share many years of project management experience in more than 40 countries.
Using years of experience in the government security, intelligence, police, prison and military special forces we can solve our clients problems and deliver our services flawlessly.


Our managers and operators hold vast experience in managing projects internationally (Mexico,Peru,Panama,Argentina,India, Germany, Angola, Rwanda, Ghana, Gabon, Nigeria) conducting Physical Security Operations, Training Special forces Units and Providing consulting on counter-Terror Issues.

Our Training and Security cadre is composed of former professionals from the following units: Israel's national SWAT (YAMAM) Israeli prison SWAT (MASADA) - Israeli Special Forces (Flotilla 13 Navy SEALS - Air-Force Commando Unit; Intelligence  and governmental protection units (Prime Minister Protection Unit/ Governmental Facility Protection Units).

Guy Rozenfeld

We train the best of the best worldwide.
Military special forces and police swat units.

Guy Rosenfeld
A military special forces reserve operator.
On the 7-10-23 in His hometown SDEROT, guy encountered terrorists while they Attacked the city, the terrorists were equipped with AK-47 and heavy machine guns.
With a pistol guy managed to fight the terrorists with other brave civilians.
after that guy was drafted back to the Israeli military to fight the war in gaza with his special forces unit.


Guy Rozenfeld  

Masada director

Masada director, master sargent (res) Guy rozenfeld - served for over20 years in the israeli govenmental security and military/prison special forces. guy brings experience in the fileds of police/prison swat, military special forces, intelligence and clandestine operations and less lethal weapons and ammunations.

Major (RET) David Aish

Director of training & operations

Director of training & operations, major (ret) David aish - Served 15years in the Israeli prison service.

Former operative and chief instructor in Israeli prison service anti riot & high risk transport unit.

Worked with a variety of enforcement units and knowledgeable in areas such as surveillance, security, special weapon and tactics .

Colonel (RET) Dakar Eilat 

senior consultent

Senior consultent ,colonel (ret) Dakar eilat - brings over 25 years in prison management and less lethal special forces solutions and operations.

Dakar was an intelligence officer at the israeli police national H.R.T unit and the founder & first commander of the israeli prison national counter terror unit "MASADA".

COLONEL (RET) Nathan Paz 

Senior consultent

Senior consultent ,Colonel (ret) Nathan paz - brings over 24years in prison management and special forces.

nathan is a former head of the national prison special intelligence unit "DROR".

he was also the commander of "RAMON" maximum security prison , and the head of the research and evaluation department at the intelligence division of the IPS.


Tactical Training Service

Masada Tactical System Israel was established in 2012 by master sargent guy rozenfeld of the Israel special Forces (IDF), and has since become the leading Counter Terror, Defense & Security Training Academy in Israel and the world wide.

Today, Masada Tactical System Israel is run by active and reserve military service members of the IDF special forces units, and offers education and training in Security & Defense Solutions; High-Threat Protection; Intelligence Operations; and Military Tactics, to a wide range of clients, ranging from military to special units. Programs are customized to the unique requirements of each client, and are continuously updated to reflect evolving security threats.

Security Services

Masada Tactical System Israel is a world wide security company that specialized in close protection service and clandestine operations. 
Masada Tactical System israel  provides various solutions in the security and clandestine operation fields. The combination of experience, knowledge and international spreading ensures our clients the most unique and best solutions to their needs.


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